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Not a day goes by without me using ChatGPT. I trust it to kickstart ideas, gain insights, and solve problems quickly and efficiently. It's a creative tool with incredible scope like any other. The more you use a tool, the more proficient and confident you become with the results you desire. Custom GPTs are the way forward, so I spend a lot of time training and crafting, as shown in the examples below.

Attention-grabbing ideas


Does an idea work? Today I can take a sketched idea to a visualised concept within an hour. This allows clients to see if an idea nails their brief and makes them excited. I make no excuses for using AI [ChatGPT and Midjourney] to achieve this. 


As an experienced creative taught to think and sketch with a pad and pen, I'd be an idiot to think AI isn't useful for exploring an idea. If AI is going to 'take my job' in the future, I at least want a fighting chance to know what I'm up against and how to stay relevant.

Recent personal and speculative work

​MIDJOURNEY brings ideas to life quicker than ever before. Why pay for stock photography from Shutterstock or Getty when you can create accurate AI images within minutes? From rough concepts to marketing personas, presentation slides, mock-up concepts, and collage material. I continually learn to prompt to visualise faster without breaking the bank or wasting hours trawling generic imagery.

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