The ATS (Applicant Tracking System) hates:

1. Profile pictures
2. Graphics
3. Symbols
4. Icons
5. ®️ (Prince2, Agile etc)
6. Italics
7. Horizontal lines
8. Vertical lines (except tiny dividers)
9. Mixed fonts
10. Multiple colours
11. Graphs
12. Tables
13. Font size SMALLER than 11 points
14. Hyperlinks (including links to email and LinkedIn)
15. Text boxes
16. Underlines
17. Dates older than 12 years if you are 38 years or older

- Tiny standard bullet points are fine
- ATS does not like ‘design’ 
- ATS likes simple and 'bland'

Remember to ‘sprinkle’ your CV/Resume with the relevant keywords from the entire job description, for EACH job you apply for. This will help push your CV through the ATS!

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