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Content comes in many forms.

Photography, videography, drone work, design, 3D, AI, animations, podcasts and more. One size does not fit all. Each project is different.



With over a decade of experience and a passion for shooting "polished reality", I have honed my craft while working with top photographers shooting for the likes of Emirates, VW, and Coke Light.


From retail, to office spaces, and people, I create images that tell a story and show a slice of reality.


For automotive, I work exclusively with The Scope, the world's leading CGI studio.

I also collaborate with product, lifestyle and studio photographers depending on your project needs and deliverables. Retouching and photomanipulation are done in-house or with external vendors.


Let me help you create images that leave a believable impression on your audience.

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With AI we can now bring ideas to life quicker than ever before. Why pay for stock photography from Shutterstock or Getty when you can create accurate AI images within minutes? I continually learn how to prompt so my clients and I can visualise ideas faster without missing a deadline or breaking the bank.

Recent personal and speculative work


Aerial imagery brings an entirely new unique perspective. I use a lightweight DJI drone for high-quality video and photography. I specialize in shooting business locations (exterior & interior) and creating custom visual footage for clients.

Tourist office, Morzine & Montriond, France

Nike store, Mall of The Netherlands for Wulverhorst


A short video can be more engaging than the written word. Quick ideas can be brought to life for a pitch or a simple case study video can tell a story. With video, you can create unique moments for your audience.

The Scope CGI automotive showreel

De Veranda presentation video for the Best Terrace In The Netherlands. The restaurant took 1st place. (read)



Need arresting images, story-telling collages or scroll-stopping art-directed communication for social media, persuasive presentations or to win pitches? Craigology delivers. 

Using elements from your brand or business; art direction and design brings your visual work to life.​

Recent personal and speculative work