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Content comes in many forms.

Copywriting / Photography / Videography / Drone work / Design / 3D / Animations / Podcasts and more.

One size does not fit all. Each project is different.

The only similarities are the tools and software needed to create the work.

I'm always up for a challenge and regularly push my hands-on skills. 



Aerial imagery. It looks really impressive seeing things from a birds-eye view.


Since I started flying a drone for clients, things have really taken off (sorry for the pun).

The drone weighs just 249 grams, capturing incredible 4K video and hi-res photography. It can also be used to check if roof tiles are loose or if gutters need cleaning! (Yes, I've been asked to do this)

I shoot external business location and establishment shots, plus when safe to do so, I shoot smooth interior office environments, retail spaces, restaurants, car showrooms and more . The possibilities to create stunning video work are endless. I always look to create something custom and unique.

The high-end results are used on websites to showcase products and services, they're inserted into pitch decks to create realism and tell a story, they're also used for in-store promotions, advertising and infomercials - High quality video & visuals to influence decisions, win pitches and create sales!

Tourist office, Morzine & Montriond, France

Nike store, Mall of The Netherlands for Wulverhorst


A short video can be more engaging than the written word.

Quick ideas can be brought to life for a pitch or a simple case study video can tell a story.

With video, there are unlimited possibilities to create unique moments for your audience.

EMG pitch video for their client Clariant

De Veranda presentation video for the Best Terrace In The Netherlands. The restaurant took 1st place. (read)

De Veranda website video showcasing the entirety on the restaurant and what it offers customers.


I've taken thousands of pictures of people, objects and streetscapes but it wasn't until roughly 10 years ago that I started to take photography seriously and then felt confident to offer this service to clients.

I learned so much of my skill while working as a creative director hiring professional photographers to shoot for Emirates, VW, Coke Light and others. This also included learning the process of retouching and image manipulation from high-end professional retouchers.

'Polished Reality' is the style I use when shooting retail and business, streetscapes, still-life and portraits. 

Recent work examples. Retail / Office / Restaurant



For websites, presentations and pitch decks, I write punchy, insight led, customer focused copy. 
Focused copywriting informs and persuades, leading to positive influence and sales. 


On websites, I sometimes work with clients who's mother tongue isn't English.

In these cases, I simply have them write in their own language. I then use Google translate to understand what needs to be said and start the copywriting process from there.


If copy needs transcreating (not just translating), I have a wide network of mother tongue copywriters to call on.


The most prominent way I receive business enquiries and work projects is via LinkedIn.

This approach essentially boils down to my ability to think of quality content coupled together with writing engaging words. 

Understanding how to write authentic, info-rich content, mixed with a deep understanding of the LinkedIn algorithm keeps me gainfully busy. It's ongoing LIVE PR.

Below are a few of the posts that saw high engagement (3000 - 10,000+ views). These had people connecting with me for professional enquiries and work projects. To achieve these results a number of factors come into play:

• Topical subject matter

• Engaging copywriting

• Understanding how LinkedIn ranks content/posts (The dreaded algorithm!)


I always experiment with new ideas, tactics and techniques.

More LinkedIn activity from #craigology can be found HERE

Are you a CEO, CMO, MD, ECD or staff employee of a
#Startup #InHouseAgency #CreativeAgency #InHouse #Brandteam
If so, you’ll have a list of challenges and aspirations that all need attention. Your focus and time are precious;

How do you achieve more growth?
What will make creative and marketing work more closely?
How can you make your marketing better?
What can you do to increase customer engagement?
Who can you hire for the project you’re about to kick off?

Over 9000+ views on this post and multiple lines of enquiry that led to meetings and work. If you can write and be authentic, the results speak for themselves...

Screenshot 2020-11-23 at 10.41.12.jpg
Screenshot 2021-10-27 at 09.51.48.png

Millions of working professionals across the world take time off to look after their newborn babies. 

But there was a problem with LinkedIn, when you chose to share this gap in your career, LinkedIn had an obscure grey box where a colourful and spritely symbol/logo could be. Surely LinkedIn could do something about this? 

This post definitely got a positive reaction, so much so, that LinkedIn took it upon themselves to build a brand new profile feature called "Career Break".

Screenshot 2022-03-17 at 13.23.06.jpg
Screenshot 2021-11-12 at 19.51.06.jpg

A talent acquisition platform placed a 'Head of Creative' job on LinkedIn.

Applying for the role, I decided to create something that would definitely appeal directly to the recipient's human side so I made a tea sachet CV.

A free cup of tea and a creative way to receive my resume. I got rejected!

This post has since gained over 10k views plus countless comments & reactions. It just goes to show, great ideas make people engage and share their views.

Screenshot 2020-12-11 at 08.43.28.jpg

The Wall Street Journal contacted me and did an interview regarding working from home during the pandemic. Harriet Torry was the journalist and it was thanks to her and a little pink unicorn that we spoke about why some people (like myself) prefer and want to keep working from home.

Screenshot 2020-11-23 at 08.45.22.jpg
0 (1).jpeg

Fun is very important at work. Especially in a stressful environment.
Staples Europe was going through a huge business transformation.
17 countries had their marketing & creative capabilities removed.
No more local marketing. Everything was centralised out of Amsterdam.
Every department was feeling the pressure. Tempers and tantrums could be heard. People were fired. People resigned. 
It wasn’t all doom and gloom though...

Screenshot 2020-11-23 at 10.29.14.jpg
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