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Each SME & Start-Up that Craigology has worked started with a similar goal.

They were looking for help with business strategy, growth or a way to create/increase sales; others wanted advice on content creation or help with digital marketing. Much of all this led to helping create or update websites and social media. In every case, Craigology shared tech, tools and tactics and continue to do so. 


• Understand and uncover the backstory and future aspiration of the business/brand via a LIVE on-site working session. 

• Run competitor analysis to find potential weak spots, increase strengths and uncover hidden opportunities.


• Create authentic personas that the business was looking to reach (found via LinkedIn, web research etc)

• Build or redesign website structure and messaging to show the business in its true light. 

• Create content: Creative direction, copywriting, photography, tone of voice and branding to attract and hold attention. Brand guidelines were also built or updated.

• Write engaging, insight-led social media posts and find 19 pathways to reach and talk directly to new clients. Creation of a content calendar with working examples also delivered.

Join the growing club of SMEs working with 
Craigology as their trusted business polishing partner


Working directly with the CEO (Henk Verbeek) and his senior team, Craigology designed and created a professional business presence for Wulverhorst. Building a new website, establishing a brand statement, creating content, designing business templates and compiling everything into a style guide.
The style guide allowed Wulverhorst to align their verbal and visual communication and pitch their top-quality construction work to global brands and businesses. 


As an ex-tradesman, I fully connected with this project, merging my professional knowledge and experience working in advertising with the insights and experience working in the construction industry years ago.

Craig showed me on where my company currently was and where it needed to be. He made it crystal clear, talking to me in my 'builders' language. He laid everything out in a workable plan and executed this by himself. I've never seen one person do the amount of business and creative work that Craig does.
Henk Verbeek, CEO/Owner at Wulverhorst
Wulverhorst SME

Craigology undertook a COMPETITOR ANALYSIS of 15 European construction companies and ran internal WORKSHOP SESSIONS to understand the business landscape. This helped position Wulverhorst as a trusted construction partner.


The outcome allowed Craigology to make significant adjustments to Wulverhorst's entire business presence.

Using Figma, the WEB DESIGN process required wireframes to map out the navigation and layout of the new website. Organically designed, the wireframes allowed Wulverhorst to see the flow of content and information. Copywriting was also an ongoing iteration. 


The final website was designed and built using Editor X, the fully responsive web editor from WIX.

Craigology's content creation added eye-catching drone work. It also upgraded the quality of video and photography of Wulverhorst's projects. These finer details made a vast improvement and distanced Wulverhorst from its competitors.


Wulverhorst's PHOTOGRAPHY needed to represent the high-quality work they produced for global brands like Nike, Foot Locker, and Starbucks. Craigology shot several projects Wulverhorst had recently finished and showcased them in a more polished and professional way.

Wulverhorst needed to redesign its business PRESENTATION DECK. Looking around Wulverhorst's offices, inspiration came after repeatedly seeing the one thing that every construction project starts with; an Architect's Blueprint.

Craigology designed a detailed deck of PowerPoint 'Blueprints' that Wulverhorst could use for business presentations. These Blueprints showcase Wulverhorst's entire business framework, clients, and specialised project work.


Wulverhorst has since won more new business because of this PowerPoint deck. It positioned the company to be seriously knowledgeable and highly professional contractors.


A Wulverhorst 'brand bible' was created, allowing its project managers, sales teams and external contractors to align and represent the company at its best.


Every aspect of Wulverhorst's brand has been condensed into this Go-To STYLE GUIDE, from logo usage to typography, imagery, corporate colours and more. 

SQ logo Red+Grey copy.png

The CHALK Group hired Craigology to launch their Micro Office Spaces, communicating and selling these to busy offices and EU airports.  

Craigology created CHALK's brand identity, website and Micro Office imagery and led the creative team to create content for B2B presentations & partnerships with 

Zoom, Blueair, Salto, Zaplocks & Logitech.

Craig has been a pivotal member of my business. From establishing our professional presence and collaborating with our design and communication teams, to launching our CHALK Pods across the EU, his knowledge, energy and output have been outstanding. 
Marc Nicol, Founder & CEO at The CHALK Group
The CHALK Group
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