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Creative Direction / Leadership / Problem Solving / Creative Project Management / Content Creation

Below you'll see two examples of what I achieved while working in-house (full time) for two completely different brands.

As the creative director for both Staples (Europe) and Emirates (Global), I brought together the in-house agency teams and marketing departments. In doing so, creative work was produced that was 'commercially creative' - It resonated and engaged with customers, generating over €400m in bookings, sales and subscriptions.

I used everything I learned and experienced from creatively leading these fast-paced in-house agencies to build Craigology, allowing me to consult with other in-house agencies that were going through similar internal issues, workload problems and brand aspirations.


• Build or restructure fully integrated teams with the skills and capabilities to create commercially creative work, achieving profit and growth.

• Content creation, campaigns and 360 communication. From ideation to final production. Professional execution and delivery. 

• Inspire/refresh creative thinking, improve team collaboration, provide mentoring & creative coaching.

• Listener / Sounding board to get work & projects moving in the right direction.

• Run insight sessions & creative workshops. Fix process problems, resource issues, increase brand alignment... Actionable solutions dependent on the problems being faced.

• Use in-house knowledge and data to overcome challenges PLUS uncover opportunities for creativity, productivity & growth. Clearly see the things that currently aren't being see.

As a 'foot in the door' conversation piece, I wrote a concise eBook detailing the above, giving tactics and insights on 5 major in-house subjects.

Staples hired me to establish and build a completely new In-House creative department.


I had no idea how overwhelming yet exhilirating this complex role would be, but that is how I hired and oversaw 20 full-time creatives & producers, 10 intermittent freelancers, 6 designers on a 12-month project plus a remote 6 person retail design team based in Lisbon.


As part of the agency leadership team, I fought to connect the agency with the marketing department to produce commercial/creative campaigns that reaped over €126m in sales revenue. The creative work surpassed all previous sales records and was recognised with awards both internally and externally. Most importantly, it engaged customers, helping to build and support thousands of SMEs.


This experience was undeniably priceless. It allowed the creative department to find clever solutions, push creativity and build a close relationship with the client, Staples Marketing.

It was trust and collaboration that helped build the brand and allowed for some incredible

creative work from a talented and successful In-House agency.


Role: European Creative Director - Staples Creative Agency



Craig is a professional, knowledgeable and innovative creative director. His strength to drive creative thinking in a strategic but also pragmatic way brought tremendous added value to Staples Creative Agency.

His amazing capacity to have a 360º view on all what he was working on, enabled him to work well in a multichannel environment. Craig was a passionate leader, engaging teams and motivating them during difficult moments by understanding their strengths and weaknesses, using all of these as levers to succeed.

He has an extremely developed capacity to understand people and their challenges. But above all, he is a good listener and a fantastic person to work with.

- Viola De Bellis, Managing Director, Staples Creative Agency
I worked closely with Craig for 2 years. He has an exceptional creative mind, very innovative and inspiring. Craig had a very strong ability to think creatively about engaging culturally-diverse audiences with creative messaging and propositions in an omni-channel environment. His thinking was routed in the customer and taking the customer on a journey with the brand to drive engagement and ultimately sales. He drove enormous value to the Staples brand and helped to engage customers across 18 European countries and sell an awful lot of product in retail and online stores.
I would recommend Craig as one of the top Pan-European creative directors for omni-channel brand engagement.
- Michael Williamson, European VP Marketing, Staples Europe

These 5 Truths are refreshingly irreverent and deeply insightful. I'm stealing them to make myself look smart!

Robert Berkeley, CEO - Express KCS


I freelanced as lead creative to steer Strawberryfrog to win the $260m Emirates account. 


When Strawberryfrog won the pitch, I was immediately hired as Global Creative Director for Emirates Airlines, working across all communication channels; TV, print, outdoor, online, experiential, sensory and social media.


My greatest responsibility was to undertake the global print production for the 'Hello Tomorrow' brand imagery, travelling around the world to create and shoot the launch campaign. 

Although this wasn't your typical role, it was as close to working In-House (working solely for one client) as you could get. The time I spent working on Emirates completely ignited my passion for working In-House. 


Role: Global Creative Director - Emirates/Strawberryfrog


Add a personality built for collaboration with an eye for disarming simplicity and a soul made for invention and you get Craig. He’s a classic observer of human nature who likes gadgets but loves ideas even more. Over the two years we worked together, he was simply pivotal in winning and launching a whole new integrated, global brand platform for Emirates.

- David Warner, Executive Creative Director, Emirates/Strawberryfrog

In a creative environment where the bar for creativity is high, the deadlines tight and the clients - to put it mildly - difficult, Craig has proven to have a keen eye for talent, a limitless passion for creative work, photography and copy. While working extremely hard to achieve his creative goals he remains a gentle and kind person, which is a rare find in this industry! We worked together for more than a year on the Emirates 'Hello Tomorrow' campaign and it was a pleasure working with him. Hire Craig whenever you need a confident, reliable creative director.

- Julia Llamas, Owner/Executive Producer/Art Buyer at Rare/Medium/Welldone
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