One of the most prominent ways I receive work is via LinkedIn.

Understanding how to write & post authentic, info-rich content, mixed with a deep understanding of LinkedIn's algorithm and 'manipulating' this keeps me gainfully employed.

Below are a few of the posts that saw high (3000 - 10,000+) views and had people connecting with me for professional enquiries and work projects. To achieve these results a number of factors come into play:

• Topical subject matter

• Engaging copywriting

• Understanding how LinkedIn ranks content/posts (The dreaded algorithm!)


One size doesn't fit all and I constantly experiment with new tactics and techniques.

If you are looking to grow your LinkedIn network, find possible work projects or just get some advice to increase your readership, drop me a line.


I applied for a job with a talent acquisition platform who placed a job on LinkedIn for a Head of Creative . 

Applying for the role, I decided to create something that would definitely appeal directly to the recipient's human side, so I made a tea sachet CV.

A free cup of tea and a creative way to receive my resume. I got rejected!

This post has since gained over 10k views plus countless comments & reactions. It just goes to show, great ideas make people engage and share their views.

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The Wall Street Journal contacted me and did an interview regarding working from home during the pandemic. Harriet Torry was the journalist and it was thanks to her and a little pink unicorn that we spoke about why some people (like myself) prefer and want to keep working from home.

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One of advertising's most respected ad-men (Sir John Hegarty) thinks In-House Creative is boring. But is he correct? Things have changed. Creatives have changed. In-House agencies are not what people think they are. A new breed of talent is emerging... 10 slides in total.

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Fun is very important at work. Especially in a stressful environment.
In 2014 Staples Europe was going through a huge business transformation.
17 countries had their marketing & creative capabilities removed.
No more local marketing. Everything was centralised out of Amsterdam.
Every department was feeling the pressure. Tempers and tantrums could be heard. People were fired. People resigned. 
It wasn’t all doom and gloom though...

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Are you a CEO, CMO, MD, ECD or staff employee of a
#Startup #InHouseAgency #CreativeAgency #InHouse #Brandteam
If so, you’ll have a list of challenges and aspirations that all need attention. Your focus and time are precious;

How do you achieve more growth?
What will make creative and marketing work more closely?
How can you make your marketing better?
What can you do to increase customer engagement?
Who can you hire for the project you’re about to kick off?

Over 9000+ views on this post and multiple lines of enquiry that led to meetings and work. If you can write and be authentic, the results speak for themselves...

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