What on earth is a Mechanical Creative? It's a full service, single person creative/consulting agency. 

That's a very big statement to claim but this is where Craigology has managed to find a unique positioning to represent and grow medium sized businesses that are expanding & small start-ups that are starting out.

Craigology partners with business founders, owners and entrepreneurs to establish their own highly professional business presence, combining web design, social media and new business presentations.

Each business then has a completely consistent brand that shows them at their best, across all touch points.

No more dealing with individual account managers, strategists, creative agencies and web design companies. Everything is taken under one roof by Craigology.

One person. One continual conversation. One complete professional outcome.


In all cases, I've helped overcome challenges, obstacles and sticking points from multiple sides to deliver a professional, informative and genuine business presence that clients and customers connect with and trust.


• Listener / Sounding board. Understand the business, its professional goals and future aspirations.

• Uncover authentic stories and content that connect and resonate with clients and customers.

• Run competitor analysis to find weak spots, increase strengths and plan greater opportunities.

• Build and/or Redesign websites and social media platforms to show each business in its true light.

• Create all content: Creative direction, copywriting, photography, tone of voice and branding.

• Continually engage with the business and post customer focused, insight led, social media updates.

Craigology respects the daily operations and time constraints that each business has. Working in partnership with the key decision makers, I find the time to discuss the important things yet at the same time step away to be invisible enough to do my hands-on work without disrupting your daily work focus.

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Feb 2021: I'm currently refreshing and reinventing the professional image of an international construction company.

Working directly with the CEO and his management team, I'm designing and creating a new digital presence, revamping their social media accounts and building new business presentations to pitch to global brands and businesses. 


This project finishes and launches in May 2021.


As an ex-tradesman myself, this is a project that I am totally connected with, merging all of my professional knowledge and experience working in advertising together with the insights and experience I had working in the construction industry many years ago.


Role: Immersive, Hands-on Consultant 


Craig pitched me on where my company currently is and where it needs to be. He made it crystal clear, talking to me in my 'builders' language. He laid everything out in a workable plan and is now executing this. I've never seen one person do the amount of business and creative work that Craig does, he really is a one man creative agency! 
Director / shareholder (names & logos withheld until project launches)
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I was hired to launch CHALK's Micro Office Spaces (CHALK Pods); communicating, pitching and selling these to some major corporate offices. Not easy when stringent social distancing and return to work policies were heavily put in place. 

I ran workshops for team alignment & growth plus led the creative team to create content for social media, B2B presentations & partnership discussions.


I oversaw the design of CHALK's website. I wrote and executed the marketing strategy, including establishing business relationships with CHALK's exclusive brand partners.


Role: Immersive, Hands-on Consultant 


Craig has been a pivotal member of my business. From establishing our professional presence and collaborating with our design and communication teams, to launching our CHALK Pods across the EU, his knowledge, energy and output have been outstanding. 
- Marc Nicol, Founder & CEO at The CHALK Group