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How To Retain Your In-House Agency Talent

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Your team are your greatest asset. Getting them to work together, to collaborate and respect one another is by no means an easy task. Here are some tried and tested approaches to retaining your In-House talent so that they continue to love the work they do, and want to keep on doing it.

Care about the people in your team Be interested in who they are and what they do. A friendly, open approach builds trust. Remember birthdays, celebrate them. Ask how their family (kids) are doing. Say please and thank you. It’s not beneath you to make them a cup of tea/coffee.

Your team are human, not a commodity If they’re late, hear them out. If they’re constantly late, find out what’s causing the issue. If they’re sick, send get well wishes. If you need them to work late, explain why. If they need time off, ask them to find a team member to cover their work. If they don’t seem themselves, be a friend, not a manager.

Your team want to do their best, so let them. Give them guidance but let them find their results. Share your opinion but let them deliver their solutions. Encourage them to push their talent, help them how to do it. Believe in their abilities and give them opportunities to prove themselves. Let the team find their strengths in the team.

Help your team to be inspired. Make monthly subscriptions to their favourite magazines. Build a wall of inspirational images, quotes, typography and icons. Encourage the team to create scrapbooks, review these every month. Send them to museums and galleries to do their work. Peta Kucha new team members.

Your team wants to be informed. Share information. Be the first to give it whenever possible. Have open meetings and encourage discussion. If in doubt, ask. Respond with the truth. Give any bad news as soon as possible. Chinese whispers kill motivation, creativity and productivity. Having an open chat ‘off the record’ is sometimes the best way forward.

If someone wants to leave your team, help them and wish them well. Be respectful of their decision to leave. Say farewell, not goodbye. Remember the contributions they made at work and gave to the team. Give them a glowing reference. Make them cry happy tears at their leaving drinks.

Have you got any more tips and advice on How To Retain In-House Talent? Leave a comment below. Don’t be shy, I’d really like to hear from you.

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