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Inspire Your In-House Team

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

If your In-House team have gone through months of hard work, churning out communicative campaigns, social posts, adverts and everything else the business has asked of them, they may well be in need of some inspiration. Here are some highly effective ways to inject the fun, spark and mental energy back into your In-House team, without having to break the bank.

Improve Your Teams Ideas & Thinking Introduce the team to the concepts of Free Writing & Morning Pages.

In the book Accidental Genius, Mark Levy shares excellent strategies on how to turn disorganised thoughts into honed and focus thinking.

With Morning Pages, Julia Cameron shows you how writing 3 sides of A4 paper without stopping, helps offload anything and everything that’s on your mind.

Two essential books for creative thinkers to read are:

Create A Wall of Excellence Empower the team and dedicate an office wall where inspirational images, typography, icons, logos and other brilliant content can be placed.

Having this visual inspiration right in front of their eyes (instead of hidden on their phones and laptops) allows the team to constantly push their own creative boundaries.

It also ignites conversation and discussion from other people who see the work on the wall.

WIP Wall All creative work should be printed and placed on a dedicated WIP Wall. The Work In Progress Wall is the fastest and most effective way to get feedback from other team members.

Your team shouldn’t be precious about their own ideas. They should push their own thinking as far as possible and once they’re confident they’ve done their absolute best, should print their work out, place it on the wall and invite feedback from their team mates to discuss their ideas and improve them if needed.

Capture Analogue Life With Scrapbooks Reignite your teams inner child by getting them to create physical scrapbooks. This pushes them to gather and collect tactile elements that they otherwise would leave alone. Beermats, cinema/museum tickets, restaurant menus, magazine cutouts, the list is endless. These scraps jog the memory during the creative thinking process and also allows for art direction & design inspiration too.

If Bill Gates Can Do It, So Can Your Team Reading is a chore for most teams, but reading is a much needed element of the problem solving process. Push your team to actively read company reports, customer data, competitor reports, business books, strategic books, comics, blog articles etc. The more verbal input the brain receives, the better it becomes at connecting the dots to solve problems. If Bill Gates can do it…

Hunt, Gather, Present Cavemen needed to provide food and shelter for their families. Today we need to do the same for our teams, without the killing, grunts and death by dinosaur danger.

Once a month, chose a venue that a few team members need to go hunt in; a museum, an event or an exhibition. Make it fun. Have them view and gather information, both tactile and digital so they then bring back their findings and present them to the whole team.

This builds team morale, increases creative awareness and improves presentation skills.

Get Your Team (Brand) In To Shape What are HEX/RGB/CMYK colours of your brand? What typography is used in headlines and body copy? What was the most successful campaign from the last quarter? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, it’s time for a BRAND CAMP. Brand Camps allow the agency to come together to share in-depth brand information. New campaigns planned, successful campaigns that have run, essential information that leads to great work being created and delivered. It also inspires collaborative teamwork. Win/Win!

Have you got any tips and advice to Inspire An In-House Team? Leave a comment below. Don’t be shy, I’d really like to hear from you.

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