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In-House Agency Capabilities & Mindsets

"Hearts and minds" we hear this expression used a lot. But how do you measure the capabilities and improve the mindsets from your In-House agency team? Here are a few examples of what you can do to approach your In-House team to boost working relationships and to better understand the people who do the work.

Is your agency team geared for success? This isn’t a bullshit statement. Until you know the answer to this question, your team will be working in a potentially chaotic, random way.

Is the work flow in balance? Are you constantly playing catch-up? Is there a ‘go-to-person’ in your team that the marketing department always commandeer? Hit the team audit button! There isn’t one, but here’s your best alternative…

What's going on in the minds of your team? The closest you’ll get to mind-reading is a personality profile tool. This will give you a unique overview of the personality traits and motivations of each team member — Look at Talentoday.com

What are the skills of your In-House team?

Who are the general ‘all-rounders’ ? Who are the experts? Who are the do-ers, the ones who deliver the results?

What skills do they excel in? What do they lack? Can you pair people together to improve their skills? Do they need external training?

Do they actually WANT external training?

Until you do a skills review of the team, you won’t know what’s going on.

This could be a major stumbling block to productivity & output.

What do your team actually want to do? There may be members of your team who feel they’re missing opportunities or being passed over for pieces of work they know they can do.

This causes frustration on their side, making them less inclined to do the work they are asked to do. Make it your mission to have open conversations before projects kick off, so that the right person/people are doing the right jobs. This may not always be possible but if you can strike the right balance, team motivation and productivity will greatly benefit.

What does the client actually want and expect? If the Marketing department is your client, then start having grown-up conversations with them.

What isn’t happening within your agency that marketing really wants to be happening? Listen carefully to their feedback.

Start writing all project briefs TOGETHER! Early input from both sides creates skin in the game and allows for agreed outcomes up front. Also, constructively review work on an ongoing basis.

"Does anyone know how to..." Speak up! Ask questions In-House. If you’re stuck working with a piece of software or trying to solve a problem, ask a team member for help. If they don’t know, Google will point you in the right direction.

The quicker you can build a self-sufficient team who are accountable for problem solving, the quicker you (and the client) reap the rewards.

TIP: Make a Slack channel with links to all tutorials/advice that have solved problems.

European Work - Transcreation If you work in an In-House Agency that creates European work, make sure your team is made up of multiple European team members. The benefits of this speak volumes.

Ideas, Headlines, Copy and many other things can be translated into multiple languages within minutes. This doesn’t need to be perfect upfront, but it will give you a sense if your work is on the right track.

The faster you can make ‘language’ decisions, the quicker you can move on to do the work.

Need Big Ideas? Use Emotions and/or Icons If you’re looking for big, translatable ideas, one sure fire way to do this is by following the path of emotions and icons (visuals) as the main underlying idea.

No matter what language, emotions are the same in all languages; Love, Happiness, Fear…

The same goes for strong icons and visuals. A stopwatch shows speed, a heart shows love, a white bearded man in a red suit — You get the idea…

Do you have any other tips for In-House capabilities and mindsets? Leave a comment below. Don’t be shy, I’d really like to hear from you.

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