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Give Your In-House Team A Break

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

If your In-House agency team have gone through months of hard work churning out communicative campaigns, social posts, adverts and everything else the business has asked of them, they may well be in need of a break. Here are some effective ways to give your team the downtime and rest they so desperately need.

In-House agencies aren't sweatshops

Let’s remember In-House agencies don’t waste valuable time, mental energy or vast amounts of money to win new business pitches. Most In-House agencies work ‘in the office’ Mon-Fri (9am-5:30pm) Weekend work is rarely called for. The same goes for all-nighters. They may happen once in a blue moon.

Take time off

Depending on how many holiday days your agency allows, ensure that your team members are actually taking time off. This may seem totally obvious but you’ll be surprised at the number of people who continually work without a break! They may not want to jet off to a foreign location but they do need time out of their working environment to recharge their batteries. Keep a tally on your team. If someone isn’t using their holidays, have a quiet 1-1.

Step away from your desk “I just need to finish this piece of work...” We’ve all sat at our desks and had a working lunch. But if this becomes a regular thing you’re not doing yourself any favours. Take a break. Go for a walk. If you want to be alone, find a quiet spot. Go ANYWHERE, as long as you can get away from your desk.

Be Flexible Let’s face it, working ‘at work’ doesn’t always work! Distractions come in a variety of interruptions and annoyances. If your team need some downtime, give them the flexibility to find their productive place to work. It might be at home, a local cafe or somewhere secret that they don’t want to disclose. The key here is to let them find the balance they need to switch off, so they can be switched on.

Recapitate & Recover If your team has worked flat out on a project or presentation that has drained their mental energy; recapitate them. If decapitation is to lose ones' head, recapitation is to regain ones head. Give your team a day of cure and order. Tidy away mess, declutter desktops, order files. A clean environment breeds a sense of calm, and a sense of calm reduces stress and tension. If you have a games room or pool table at work, now would be a beneficial time to use it!

Encourage talking

Studies have proved that talking with like-minded people reduces anxiety and stress. If a team member is showing signs of upset or distress take the time to talk with them 1-1. There maybe issues outside of work that are causing problems. You don’t don’t need to pry into private matters but acknowledging a situation can be the catalyst to finding help. If needed, involve HR but only with the consent of the team member.


If you can allow your team to do this, then it’s this simple. OOO - Out Of Office ZZZ - Sleep If the team have totally exerted themselves beyond expectation (and you can allow them a day off) give them the day off. It’s not rocket science. It’s actual science!

Have you got any more tips and advice to Give Your Team A Break?

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