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You've probably landed here because your business (SMB/SME) has a website.


That website is somewhat unloved, untouched or outdated because you're too busy to do anything with it! Does that sound like you?


Running your business takes up immense amounts of time, especially if you spend the majority of your time working OFFLINE with people outside of a digital space. 


If this is you, you're not alone...


As a seasoned 'ex-adman', I bring many hours of experience when it comes to communication, content creation, copywriting & more. 

I know what your professional website needs & what customers expect from it.

• Clear Design & Communication (desktop and mobile friendly)
• Customer focused thinking & writing
• Simple navigation
• Authenticity

• Easy to update (for you, the website owner)
• On-hand help and advice

I bring all this in a collaborative bundle when working together with you to build your website.


Craigology is a recognised WIX Partner



It all starts by meeting 1-1 or via video call to have a proper conversation about what is 'wrong' with your website and what you think needs changing on your website. You're in charge. I'm there to listen first and foremost.

We can also talk about the weather, the price of milk and countless others things! Getting to know one another is as important as getting to know the ins and outs of your website.

You may wish to do a little homework on me, so please, dig around this website and on LinkedIn

I'd also like a sneaky peak at your current website before we talk so please send me a link via the chat box or email.


Once we've met, shared some information and are happy with how we connected, I send you a proposal.

Below is what you can expect from requesting to work with me:

Stage 1 
You and I gain a total understanding of your current website and its content. What to keep, what to change and what potential new content is needed. I download all your current website's images, videos and copywriting. This is then stored as a back-up. We also take a look at (and analyse) your competitor's websites.

Stage 2 
We look for and find a potential web template to fully customise. This allows us to shape the way forward and understand what to expect from your new website; colours, typography, site structure, content, navigation.

I can make recommendations if you prefer.

Stage 3
The site unfolds in design and content. This is time intensive from a creative/design point of view but here is where the hard work and effort makes all the difference. 

Photoshoots and video shoots are also planned (if you wish) to create new 'up-to-date' content. 

Stage 4
SEO: Fix and write the essential stuff that Google loves behind the scenes.

Stage 5

Mobile: Make the website compatible & mobile friendly.

Stage 6
Agree final website (desktop & mobile), make additional amendments (if necessary), transfer your current domain name to your new website so it can Go Live!

* Project Timeline TBD (approx. 14-28 days) 
* Project Cost TBD
* BONUS: Yes, there's always a bonus!


Note: You are involved all the way. Your input is very much needed. You get homework to do too!



First and foremost, the Craigology website that you're currently looking through (now in its fourth edition) is built entirely by me using the WIX platform. 

The website changes every so often as it's purely my creativity steering the look and feel of the work you're now seeing and reading.

Roles: Web design, drone videographer, photographer, copywriter, art director.

Wulverhorst Sq Logo White.png

Working directly with the CEO (Henk Verbeek) and his senior team, I designed and built a brand new WIX website, allowing Wulverhorst to consistently showcase their high quality work for the global brands and businesses they parter with. 


As an ex-tradesman myself, this was a project that I totally connected with, merging all of my professional knowledge and experience working in advertising together with the insights and experience I had working in the construction industry many years ago.


Roles: Hands-on consultant, competitor research, customer insight, web design, drone videographer, retail photographer, copywriter, designer.


Craig showed me on where my company currently was and where it needed to be. He made it crystal clear, talking to me in my 'builders' language. He laid everything out in a workable plan and executed this by himself. I've never seen one person do the amount of business and creative work that Craig did, he really is a one man creative agency! 
- Henk Verbeek, CEO/Owner at Wulverhorst
SQ Room CHALK White.png

The CHALK Group connected with me at the start of the pandemic.

I was given the responsibility to design the CHALK Pod website working alongside CHALK's CEO.


Roles: Web design and build. Content creation: Photography, copywriting & art direction

Craig has been a pivotal member of the CHALK team. From designing our website and collaborating with our design and communication team, to launching our CHALK Pods across the EU market, his knowledge, energy and output have been outstanding. 
- Marc Nicol, Founder & CEO at The CHALK Group
victorious logo.png

Vicky (Victorious Consulting) asked if I could make a website for her consultancy. She had already laid out all her thinking in a concise powerpoint presentation, including potential visuals she liked and copy she thought would be helpful. We went through some clean looking, pre-made, website templates and then I customised one of these using her powerpoint deck as a guide. From here I found images that Vicky could use (royalty free) and wrote/edited her copy to help her find the right tone of voice.


Vicky wanted a super clean website and that is exactly what we finished up with. 

I knew I needed a simple website that I could share with prospective clients. Craig showed me a number of templates to choose from and then fully customised this to suit my exact needs. He found countless images for me to look through and then used these on my website and then created a stack of beautiful business cards to match my website. Superb work!
- Vicky Hampson, Owner at Victorious Consulting
Health Journey Logo White.png

Another successfully designed small business website; Julia at Health Journey contacted me because her old website needed refreshing and updating. 

After meeting and listening to what Julia wanted to achieve, I designed and built a completely new website using a large proportion of her previous written content. 

Julia gave me many pointers of websites that she liked asking if I could incorporate some of the designs and thinking into her new site. A close collaboration that worked out very well.

This was a superb project to undertake as I learned so much insight and information from Julia who is a renowned nutrition and functional medicine specialist

Role: Business Insight / Web Design / Copywriting / Content Creation / Art Direction / SEO

I just got my website ready and live! It was the best investment ever. Craig is a great person to work with. He built my website entirely from scratch after spending time listening to every detail of what I wanted, he was able to deliver everything far beyond my expectations. Thank you Craig! You are amazing!
- Julia L da Cunha van Opzeeland, Owner at Health Journey

A small business (SMB) website that was a joy to work on: Graham’s Kitchen is owned and run by chef Graham Mee. It is nestled in one of the most cosmopolitan and vibrant districts of Amsterdam, the area known as “De Pijp”.


After eating at the restaurant I was so impressed with the friendly service and the fantastic food that I immediately started talking with the owner. Graham told of his background working in Michelin star restaurants, his passion for cooking amazing food and the happiness he gets from entertaining guests with great service. He also mentioned his lack of time for marketing and communication.


Graham hired me to look closely at the business, plan a new marketing strategy and build his entire website from the ground up. 


I wanted the photography on the website to be authentic and personal (just as all the team are at Graham's) so I took the opportunity to shoot the all the visual content myself. 



Business Consultation / Business Category Definition / Audience Definition / Wire framing / Web design / Website Construction / Storytelling / Copywriting / Art Direction / Photography / SEO

graham cooking.jpg
"Forced closure of my restaurant because of the COVID-19 virus was devastating, but a special thank you goes to Craigology for the speed to get our free delivery initiative on to our website plus the swift work getting the new takeaway menu in place for our customers."
- Graham Mee, Owner at Graham's Kitchen
Keyboard and Mouse

Have you got any questions? Send me a message. 

I PROMISE you won't get spammed with 1001 follow-up sales emails!

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