Envision is a self-designed AI app and is the brainchild and creation of co-founders Karthik Mahadevan & Karthik Kannan. The mission is to help 36 million visually impaired people around the world to undertake simple everyday tasks to lead more independent lives. 


The app has multiple functions; reading all kinds of text, documents and signs, recognises faces, images and objects which it then describes back vocally. 


Collaborative Ideation & Strategy workshops / Growth/Traction Planning / Copywriting / Content Creation / Customer Data research / PR outreach

Craigology Consulting joined Group of Humans in Sept 2018. The first project with them was in Denmark, working for Novasol.

Novasol (holiday rentals) was acquired by the private equity firm, Platinum Equity.

Group of Humans were tasked to explore, define & transform Novasol across six work streams: 


Customer Research • UX (frontend) • UX (backend) • Branding •

Customer Experience • Business Coaching and Leading


For this project, Craig collaborated with the GoH team to track and manage the workstreams, establish the main project stakeholders and build a GoH war room, this allowed a detailed visual overview of each work stream and a close working environment for the GoH and Novasol teams. Craig's main role was to track the progress of the work streams and report back to Novasol's Leadership Team & the Platinum Equity stakeholders on a weekly & monthly basis.


Parallel to this, he helped establish a new client portal, populating the work and content, plus deliver input into working processes and communication governance. The final piece of work was to create and hand over a Playbook of agile processes and working practices to Novasol.


Project Management / Stakeholder Reporting / Client Portal administration / Playbook delivery

Staples hired Craig to establish and build a completely new In-House creative department.


He hired 8 full-time creatives & producers, 8 intermittent freelancers, contracted 6 designers for a 12-month project and oversaw a 4 person retail design team based in Lisbon.


As part of the agency leadership team, Craig helped connect the agency with the marketing department to produce creative/commercial campaigns that earned millions of Euros for the business. The creative work broke sales records and was recognised with awards both internally and externally.


This experience was undeniably priceless. It allowed the creative department to find clever solutions, push creativity and build a close relationship with the client, Staples Marketing.

It was trust and collaboration that helped build the brand and allowed for some incredible

creative work from a talented In-House agency.


Role: Staples Agency Leadership (Creative) - European Creative Director


GUL Watches had an old website that hadn't been touched for a number of years. Craig worked closely with GUL's Leadership Team and its Founder to understand the brand's 30-year journey and to make sure everything we were looking to create would stay true and authentic.

He was then tasked to redefine and modernise the brand story (keeping its heritage at heart), create a new Brand Value Proposition, categorize the watches and then compile all this into a completely new website starting from a white sheet of paper and a blank Sketch artboard...

Business Consultation / Audience Definition / Wireframing / Web design / Website Construction / Product Category Definition / Storytelling / Copywriting / Art Direction / Image Seach / SEO 

Craig freelanced as lead creative to steer Strawberryfrog to win the $260m Emirates account. 


When Strawberryfrog won the pitch, Craig was immediately hired as Global Creative Director for Emirates Airlines, working across all communication channels; TV, print, outdoor, online, experiential, sensory and social media.


His greatest responsibility was to undertake the global print production for the 'Hello Tomorrow' brand imagery, travelling around the world to create and shoot the launch campaign. 


Role: Head of Creative Department - Global Creative Director

Graham’s Kitchen is owned and run by chef Graham Mee. It is nestled in one of the most cosmopolitan and vibrant districts of Amsterdam, the area known as “De Pijp”.


After eating at the restaurant Craig was so impressed with the friendly service and the fantastic food that he immediately started talking with the owner. Graham told of his background working in Michelin star restaurants, his passion for cooking amazing food and the happiness he gets from entertaining guests with great service. He also mentioned his lack of time for marketing and communication.


Graham hired Craig to look deep into the business, plan a new marketing strategy and build his entire website from the ground up. 


Craig wanted the photography on the website to be authentic and personal (just as all the team are at Graham's) so Craig took the opportunity to shoot the all the visual content himself. 



Business Consultation / Business Category Definition / Audience Definition / Wireframing / Web design / Website Construction / Storytelling / Copywriting / Art Direction / Photography / SEO

Sound of Data wanted to build a new website that reflected the global capabilities of the company. After being recommended by the copywriter working on the project, Craig

collaborated with her and the company founders to uncover the customer-centric approach of the business and their future vision. This became the starting point for the core thinking and design approach of the new website.


Working with the Rotterdam based web design agency 23G, Craig took on the role of creative project manager whilst supporting Sound of Data and the web agency with creative ideation and direction. 


Business Consultation / Initial Wireframing / Web design support /  Storytelling / 
Copywriting / Art Direction / Image Search & Delivery / Video Header Creation & Production 

Advertising was (and still is) a craft.


It takes learned skills and craftsmanship to generate original ideas, design eye-catching layouts and execute engaging, customer facing communication. Nowadays there are secondary plugins and apps trying to do that, albeit with predictable, repetitive results. Click the link to see a selection of my advertising work before advertising changed its name to 'Content'. 


Art Director / Copywriter / Senior Art Director / Creative Director / Actor / Photographer


London, England.


The German advertising agency, Jung von Matt, were hiring.

A London headhunter, Liz Harold, was contacted to find talent.

The brief: Find a native English creative team. 

The agency’s creative director, Herman Waterkamp, was coming to London. 

He'd seen a stack of portfolios and selected a list of candidates.

Our portfolio was amongst those shortlisted. 

Too many candidates. We needed to stand out.

The internet was in its infancy.

I found myself in an internet cafe, researching "Jung von Matt". 

The agency website was written in German.

My vocabulary reached its limit at Gesundheit and Kindergarten.

A tiny section was written in English.

I discovered two things:

• The agency's work philosophy was based on the Wooden Horse of Troy. 

• The agency's logo was the Trojan horse. 

A picture showed a large Trojan horse inside the agency reception.


That's when it hit me.

I had an idea that would make our portfolio stand out from the crowd. 


I would build a hand-made wooden horse. 

It would stand waist high. 

It would roll on wheels. 

Inside its belly, our creative work would be hidden. 


The day of our interview came. 

The agency CD Herman Waterkamp sat in one room. 

We sat in another room. 

We waited.

The headhunter called us in.


On meeting Herman, we introduced ourselves. 

We exchanged some small talk. 


On my lap sat a black, A2 size portfolio. 

Herman asked us to present our work to him. 

I opened the portfolio.  

To Herman’s annoyance, there was nothing but blank sleeves. 

The work was missing. He wasn't impressed.

“I’m so sorry, we’ve left the work in the other room”.

I excused myself and left the room. 

My copywriter sat nervously but played along brilliantly. 


I returned, pushing Dobbin in front of me. 

Herman was gobsmacked!

I opened Dobbin and handed Herman our work… 

We were invited to visit JvM in Hamburg. 


If you do your research, understand your customer and then tailor-make

your product to surprise them, the results speak for themselves.

Dobbin was made out of 2 sheets of MDF.

Cost: £26 

It took 2 days to design and assemble together. 

This started a six-year stint of work in Germany. 

A very good return on investment.

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