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Creative, Concepts and Content


Brands, businesses and in-house agencies work with Craigology to find uncommon ideas, create believable communication and build growth-focused content.

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Insight & Problem Solving Session - The Scope, Hamburg

That's me above, Craig Lovelidge, looking for answers.

I'm an experienced senior creative, and I've used creativity to overcome significant brand issues, ignite new ideas, and create impressive outcomes for clients, companies and myself. 

Clients want punchy creative work. They want it fast. And, they want someone to take the lead in making this happen. This is where Craigology comes in.

Are you struggling with a business challenge, an agency issue or a company goal that hasn't been reached? Click below, choose a date and let's talk more.


Slick designs, strategic concepts and hands-on, growth-driven, creative work.

Big brands and SMEs have trusted Craigology to uncover hidden value, build content and help improve outreach for growth. 

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Attention-grabbing ideas


Global work for a global clients

Winning a global account can be intimidating. It's also an opportunity for learning and growth. As the creative director for Emirates, I knew this was going to be an incredible challenge but also an amazing experience. 

Despite the challenges, we worked hand-in-hand with the client. Through teamwork and hard work, we crafted and launched the Hello Tomorrow integrated brand campaign in over 150 markets worldwide.


The result: The Emirates brand grew by $398 million to more than $4 billion, making up 40% of the total enterprise value, the highest contribution of all Middle Eastern brands. 


This experience taught me invaluable lessons and introduced me to a remarkable group of talented professionals who worked tirelessly to achieve a shared vision. Taking on the Emirates account was the most significant challenge of my career, and it yielded the most significant rewards.

In-house leadership, leading in-house creative work