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Uncommon ideas, believable communication and growth-focused content.

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Insight & Problem Solving Session - The Scope, Hamburg

That's me above, Craig Lovelidge, looking for answers. Strategy first, execution second.

I'm an experienced senior creative. I've used creativity to overcome significant brand issues, ignite new ideas, and create impressive outcomes for clients, companies and myself. 

Clients want punchy creative work. They want it fast. They want someone to take the lead in making this happen. This is where Craigology comes in.

From business challenges to agency issues or unmet growth goals, click below, choose a date, and let's talk more.


• Ideation to production
• Persona creation
• Positioning & storytelling
• Photography, drone & video
• Retouching & editing
• Agency management & leadership
• Campaign strategy & content creation
• Website & digital design
• Work: Hybrid

Ideation to production:
From brief to brainstorming and beyond.
Alone or with a team, I start 
conversations or facilitate sessions to refresh, enhance or change visual/verbal communication.

Persona creation:
Knowing who to talk to and how to communicate with them is vital to all great work. Using ChatGPT & Midjourney, I effortlessly create life-like personas depending on the required brief. 

Positioning & storytelling:
Spying on the competition, how they’re positioned and where opportunities lie is essential to creating convincing stories to change mindsets using authentic, inspiring narratives.

Photography, drone & video: 
Depending on the timing and scope of work, I will deliver high-end imagery and video. Being fully hands-on, I create and shoot all content myself.  

Retouching & editing:
After shooting, I retouch images and edit videos to create production-ready assets. 

Agency management & leadership:
I run agency creative departments. I have a close, connected network of CGI studios, commercial artists, producers, and retouchers with whom I work.
I work proficiently and professionally with your external vendors and talent pool.

Campaign strategy & content creation:
Branding and marketing campaigns can run parallel or as separate lines of communication. In all cases, strategy comes first, and execution second!

Website & digital design:
My preferred web platform is WIX, but I will work with internal or external resources for website creativity, design and creation. 

I produce digital designs and assets plus work with internal teams/individuals, external agencies, and freelancers.

Big brands and SMEs trust Craigology to find value, build content and develop outreach for growth. 

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staples-blue 1.png

Craig has been a pivotal creative problem-solver. From rebranding my business to completely overhauling our website to redesigning our entire suite of business communication, his knowledge, skills and output have been outstanding. Hiring Craig was a wise decision that paid off.

Marc Nicol
Founder & CEO - The Affinity Group

If you're looking for an inspirational CD, Craig is your man. A natural people's person with the creative smarts to elevate any grand ideas. He never switches off, combining strategy, customer insight and advertising nous. A pleasure to work with no matter how tough the brief is.

Chris Barton
Creative Director 

Craig showed me where my company currently was and where it needed to be. He made it crystal clear, talking to me in my 'builders' language. He laid everything out in a workable plan and executed this by himself. I've never seen one person do the amount of business and creative work that he does. Thank you Craig!

Henk Verbeek
Owner & CEO - Wulverhorst 

Craig is a passionate, knowledgeable and innovative creative director. His strength to drive creative thinking strategically and pragmatically brought tremendous value to the Staples Creative Agency.

His capacity to have a 360º view on all what he was working on, enabled him to work well in a multichannel environment.

Besides being an extremely valuable creative thinker, Craig was a passionate agency leader. He fully engaged with his team and motivated them during challenging times by understanding their strengths, weaknesses, as well as their key motivators, using all of these as levers to succeed.


He has an innate capacity to understand people and their challenges. Needless to say, he's a fantastic person to work with.

Viola De Bellis
Ex-MD - Staples Agency Europe

In a creative environment where the bar for creativity is high, the deadlines tight and the clients, to put it mildly, are difficult, Craig has proven to have a keen eye for talent, a limitless passion for creative work, photography and copy. While working extremely hard to achieve his creative goals, he remains a gentle and kind person, which is a rare find in this industry.

We worked together for more than a year on the Emirates 'Hello Tomorrow' campaign and it was an absolute pleasure working with him. Whenever you need a confident, reliable and hands-on creative director, hire Craig.

Julia Llamas
Sr. Exec. Producer / Art Buyer

I worked closely with Craig for 2 years. He has an exceptional creative mind, very innovative and inspiring.Craig has a very strong ability to think creatively about engaging diverse audiences with creative messaging and propositions in an omni-channel environment. His thinking is rooted in taking the customer on a believable journey that ultimately leads to sales. He has driven enormous value to Staples, engaging with customers across 17 European countries creating millions in revenue across contract, retail and online.


I would recommend Craig as one of the top Pan-European creative directors for omni-channel brand engagement.

Michael Williamson
Ex-VP Marketing - Staples Europe

Attention-grabbing ideas


Does an idea work? Today I can take a sketched idea to a visualised concept within an hour. This allows clients to see if an idea nails their brief and makes them excited. I make no excuses for using AI [ChatGPT and Midjourney] to achieve this. These are incredible tools and they are not going away.


As an experienced creative taught to think and sketch with a pad and pen, I'd be an idiot to think AI isn't useful to explore an idea. If AI is going to 'take my job' in the future, I at least want a fighting chance to know what I'm up against and how to stay relevant.

Global work for global clients

Winning a global account can be intimidating. It's also an opportunity for learning and growth. As the creative director for Emirates, I knew this was going to be an incredible challenge but also an amazing experience. 

Despite the challenges, we worked hand-in-hand with the client. Through teamwork and hard work, we crafted and launched the Hello Tomorrow integrated brand campaign in over 150 markets worldwide.


The result: The Emirates brand grew by $398 million to more than $4 billion, making up 40% of the total enterprise value, the highest contribution of all Middle Eastern brands. 


This experience taught me invaluable lessons and introduced me to a remarkable group of talented professionals who worked tirelessly to achieve a shared vision. Taking on the Emirates account was the most significant challenge of my career, and it yielded the most significant rewards.

In-house creative leadership, leading in-house creative

As Staples European Creative Director, I led the super-talented in-house creative department, transforming the tired and lacklustre print-based work of catalogues, brochures, and flyers into a fully integrated sales-driven brand communication agency serving 17 countries. From ideation to creation to production, the creative teams did everything. Above the line, digital, retail and contract, Staples' creative work had a strong linear thread through every piece of work.

To do this, everything inside the Staples agency changed to operate as a full-service strategic creative agency: the people, the processes and the business/agency relationships. 


Productivity soared. The Staples C-Suite loved the energy, and we loved our output. Collaboration increased, as did the budgets and the scope of projects—Staples sales revenue rose by €126m during my two-year tenure. 

Craigology is an Adobe Professional, a WIX Partner and a Notion Ambassador

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