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Craigology was established after spending many years making big noises for big brands. From Planes, Trains & Automobiles (Emirates, Deutsche Bahn & VW), to leading the in-house creative agency at Staples Europe.

Most recently I transformed a successful European construction company to elevate their creative, business & digital communication to mirror that of the clients they represent including Nike, Foot Locker & Starbucks.


A big brand thinker with the experience, capability and multi-skills to bring creative work to life. Fast!

Clients don’t always have the time, money or requirement for big campaigns. Sometimes smaller projects need to flow; be briefed & completed with minimal fuss, by a hands-on professional that gets things done. 

Clients sometimes need and invest in big 360 campaigns. These need a creative director that can connect with and lead a creative team to produce big pieces of work. These projects need strategic planning, stakeholder management and an experienced creative professional that will take ideas & convert them into sales.


Building Profitable & Successful In-House Agencies • Creative Direction & Leadership • Creative Strategy • 360 Integrated Creative Campaigns • Art Direction & Design • Copywriting • Web Design • Ideation & Concepts • Problem Solving • Re-branding • Photography • Videography • Video Editing • Mobile Apps • Team Building & Management • Presentations & Pitching • Brand Guidelines • ATL Digital • B2B B2C • External Creative Supplier Relationships & Management • Partnerships • Facilitated Client Workshops • Insight & Research • Project Proposals, Planning & Resourcing • Creative Processes & Implementation  

- Ranked one of the top Pan-European Creative Directors for omni-channel brand engagement. 

- 25+ years experience. 10+ years as a leading Creative Director driving 100's of millions in sales revenue while building collaborative teams that produce creative content/campaigns & digital products.

Craigology is an Adobe Professional and a WIX Partner


If a project is too big for Craigology to take on, I have grown a personal creative network of over 300 talented thinkers and creators all hailing from what is arguably one of the UK's best creative communication courses at Watford College. (Now The Barn BBH)

This alumni group includes CCO's, CEO's, ECD's, CD's who have risen through the creative ranks and are now leading the worlds best creative agencies and most recognised brands.

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Graham Mee
Owner/Chef - Graham's Kitchen
graham cooking.jpg

Craig has been a valuable, trusted creative partner who has helped me immensely on the digital front. His knowledge and experience have made such a difference. He talked with me at length to understand my business and then completely redesigned and built a new website for my restaurant, including shooting all the photography and writing the website’s copy.

A quick phone call and Craig updates the online menu plus he'll design and create special menus for days such as Valentine's and Christmas. Craig allows me to focus all my time running the restaurant, simply working around me to get his job done; promoting Graham’s Kitchen in an honest, believable and engaging way. If you need an agile, experienced and hands-on creative person, contact Craigology.

Craig has been a pivotal member of The CHALK Group. From establishing our professional presence and talking with our partners to collaborating with our design and communication teams to launching our Micro Office Spaces across the EU, his knowledge, energy and output have been outstanding. Craigology was definitely a wise hire that has definitely paid off.

Marc Nicol
CEO/Owner - The CHALK Group

Only a few people have the opportunity to have a manager who is also a mentor and coach - but I had when I worked with Craig. I had the pleasure of working with him for two years at Staples. He was always ready to give input, advice, and had the ability to change the point of view to lead us to an even more amazing result in work. He always tried to bring out the best in us, and give opportunity to develop and sharpen our skills. 
I still miss our regular Friday afternoon out-of-office team meetings when we could talk freely about our feelings, thoughts, inspirations, or whatever came into our mind.
Craig's abilities made him an amazing mentor and I'm happy I got the chance to work with him - I hope one day we get to do it again.

Edit Ballai
3D & Concept Artist - Spil Games

Craig showed me where my company currently was and where it needed to be. He made it crystal clear, talking to me in my 'builders' language. He laid everything out in a workable plan and executed this by himself. I've never seen one person do the amount of business and creative work that Craig does.

Henk Verbeek
CEO/Owner - Wulverhorst 

Craig is a SMART creative. He has a keen understanding of his team's capabilities, and is able to lead and encourage them to think strategically and develop creative solutions and brand stories that bring strategy to life. He is a solid partner, a serious thinker, and a brilliant creative, coupled with savvy business understanding.

Loren Harling
Client Service Director 

I had the pleasure of working with Craig briefly as a Creative Partner. He has the great ability to conceptualise a strategy into a creative direction that will solve a clients business problem. He is an explorer learning from his surroundings with an inquisitive mind. He has a genuine and empathetic leadership style and is willing to mentor others to help them progress.

Brenda Kassir
Strategy Director - Spark44

I worked closely with Craig for 2 years. He has an exceptional creative mind, very innovative and inspiring.

Craig has a very strong ability to think creatively about engaging culturally-diverse audiences with creative messaging and propositions in an omni-channel environment. His thinking is routed in the customer and taking the customer on a journey with the brand to drive engagement and ultimately sales. He has driven enormous value to Staples and helped to engage customers across 18 European countries and sell an awful lot of product in retail and online stores.

I would recommend Craig as one of the top Pan-European creative directors for omni-channel brand engagement.

Michael Williamson
VP Marketing - Staples Europe

In a creative environment where the bar for creativity is high, the deadlines tight and the clients - to put it mildly - difficult, Craig has proven to have a keen eye for talent, a limitless passion for creative work, photography and copy. And while working extremely hard to achieve his creative goals he remains a gentle and kind person, which is a rare find in this industry.
We worked together for more than a year on the Emirates 'Hello Tomorrow' campaign and it was a pleasure working with him.
Hire Craig whenever you need a confident, reliable freelance creative director.

Julia Llamas
Sr. Executive Producer / Art Buyer

Two words: trust and honesty. Craig is blessed with both of these virtues. Having worked with him virtually every day during a 6-year period, I got to know Craig pretty well. And I can tell you this: I could tell him anything without any fear of judgement. I listened to his advice knowing he was looking out for my best interests. He’d be honest and open, even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear and in doing so he helped me through many tough times, both at work and at play.

A true professional in so many ways.

Simon Davenport
Sr. Copywriter - Hogarth

Craig is a Creative Director who gets things done. I want to write more than that, but I think it's the best recommendation you can have for any Creative Director.

Chris West
Founder / CEO - Verbal Identity

Craig and I worked together on a project for Envision. It was an absolute delight working with him! Besides his lovely self, I really appreciated the level of communication in our collaboration and his honest professionalism. As well as his strategic thinking, Craig was a highly skilled copywriter doing magic to the brand tone of voice on the customer facing website and app store product listings. Writing and designing is an art form and Craig certainly knows his craft. I’d love to work together with him in the future.

Ilse Madelein Velema
Head of Growth & Marketing

Craig's a true gentleman and a genuine, honest, man. He's also a very talented creative and if you haven't seen his work, please go and look at his site because it really really does (in my opinion) demonstrate how he solves creative problems. In an industry where people are forever trying to pigeon-hole each other, Craig stands out as someone who won't be typecast. And that's a great thing. He's also a nurturer of talent, a great networker and someone who naturally mentors (juniors, contemporaries and me sometimes!). He gives generously of his time and energy and takes a big picture view that doesn't lose sight of the detail. I like Craig a lot but I don't work with him enough. I'd like to think that I will work with him more though as my business becomes established.

He's one of the good guys!

Tim Mitchell
Talent / Executive Search

I met Craig through the JobVine; an initiative he started that brought job seekers and jobs together.

As an advertising copywriter new to the freelance scene in Amsterdam, Craig advised me on areas such as finding employment in a volatile economy and tax and financial setup in a foreign country. Craig was not only helpful on a practical scale, but he also brought his own personal experience of navigating a continuously changing job market to the table. Craig has been a sensational contact to know. Not only has he deepened my own network of industry contacts, but he has remained a patient, respectable and honest mentor in the process.

Carla Madden
Creative Director / Writer

Craig is a one off. The single word I would use to best describe him is 'gifted'. 
His ability to identify an insight in a brief, turn that insight into a sound and appealing proposition, then spin that proposition into a unique strategy and creative execution is both exceptional and unique. 
Craig's efforts have not only improved the profile and creative standing of all clients lucky enough to be touched by his thinking but greatly impact their bottom line for those brands shrewd enough to have invested in his services. A refreshingly down to earth, hard working, creative. I cannot praise Craig highly enough.

Chris Beckles
Executive Creative Director

I just got my website renewed and it is now live. It was the best investment ever! 


Craig is a great person to work with. He built my new website entirely from scratch.

After spending time listening to every detail of what I wanted, he was able to deliver everything far beyond my expectations. Thank you Craig! You are amazing!

Julia Cunha Opzeeland
Founder / Owner - Health Journey

Add a personality built for collaboration with an eye for disarming simplicity and a soul made for invention and you get Craig.


He’s a classic observer of human nature who likes gadgets but loves ideas even more. Over the two years we worked together, he was simply pivotal in winning and launching a whole new integrated, global brand platform for Emirates.

David Warner
Executive Creative Director

Craig is a great creative leader & problem solver. He is a great motivator who was always able to support me and our entire team to achieve all the challenges we faced. Above all he is a fantastic person to work witH. Grazie Capo!

Paolo Bianco
Creative Director - Enecta


If you're looking for an inspirational CD, Craig is your man. A natural people's person with the creative smarts to elevate any grand ideas. He never switches off, combining strategy, customer insight and advertising nous. A pleasure to work with no matter how tough the brief is.

Chris Barton
Creative Director - Paal15

Craig is a passionate, professional, knowledgeable and innovative creative director. His strength to drive creative thinking in a strategic but also pragmatic way brought tremendous added value to the Staples (in-house) Creative Agency.

His amazing capacity to have a 360º view on all what he was working on, enabled him to work well in a multichannel environment.

Besides being an extremely valuable creative thinker, Craig was a passionate leader, engaging teams and motivating them during difficult moments by understanding their strengths and weaknesses plus the key motivators of each of his team members using all of these as levers to succeed.


He has an extremely developed capacity to understand people and their challenges. But above all, he is a good listener and a fantastic person to work with.

Viola De Bellis
MD - Staples Agency Europe

Strategic and business minded, Craig is not afraid to take a creative leap of faith - an attitude that was the catalyst for a huge period of change at Staples Europe. He was my mentor, friend, and creative manager. An offerer of advice, not imposer of opinion. Craig gave me the space and encouragement I needed to develop and grow. He worked hard every day to help others in less senior positions succeed. If you're looking for all the industry experience without the ad man arrogance. Craig's your guy. I'm so grateful for having had the chance to work with him.

Laura Bury
Senior Copywriter - Freelance