Craig Lovelidge set-up Craigology Consulting after successfully leading the creative In-House agency at Staples Europe. The agency broke multiple sales records for the brand across 17 EU countries, resulting in over €75m in sales during Craig’s two year tenure. As part of the agency leadership team, Craig established the entire creative department of copywriters, art directors, designers, video editors and producers. He pushed to connect the marketing department and creative departments to work in tandem, allowing delivery of successful thematic campaigns across retail, online and contract. 


Craig took these experiences into the consultancy, creating a positive impact in terms of:


• Speciality for In-House Agency & In-House Brand Team / Problem Solving / Creative Leadership / Project Management / Growth Thinking & Execution.

• Using facts and In-House data to overcome challenges plus find opportunities for creativity, productivity & growth. 

• Build and structure fully integrated teams with the entirety of skills and capabilities to create commercially creative, customer focused work.

• Continually grow an International & European network of professional advisors, CEOs, CMOs, production agencies, creatives, designers, digital content creators, growth teams and product specialists. 

(If Craig can't personally solve a problem, someone within the network can!)

• Implementation of creative processes, project resources and supplier management.

• Plan and facilitate collaborative Insight Programs, Brand Camps + Creative Workshops.

Team Inspiration / Talent Retention and Individual Creative Coaching + Mentoring.




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