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Thousands of €uros worth OF advice, tools and
business growth

Do you live/work in Amstelveen/Amsterdam?
Are you working towards an impactful turnover in 2022?
Then you're in the right place.

The past two years have taught us that we're more resilient than we know & more adaptive than we think. We worked from home or flipped our business models to work differently. It was hard, but we did it. 


As a resident of Amstelveen and business owner in Amsterdam, I witnessed vibrant communities go eerily quiet. Business owners, employees and customers disappeared. 


Having worked for twenty-five years in the advertising industry, ex-colleagues, business connections, and close friends asked for advice. People's livelihoods were in trouble.


Craigology (my business) makes other companies look professional, communicate clearly & attract customers; when all things work, businesses flourish, but in 2020 everything changed. Work went online; no, EVERYONE went online, from primary students to retired grandparents!

Now in 2022, businesses are rebuilding. New jobs are opening up, hiring has increased, and working life is looking, dare we say, positive?


As an ex-advertising creative, I know how big-name brands and global businesses use crafty tricks and tactics to advertise and sell their products & services. Online and offline. 

But then there's you. You don't have teams of employees prospecting on sales calls or have millions to spend on integrated advertising campaigns! 
No, it's down to you (or a small team) to run your business, juggling everything. That's where the trouble starts. Competitors beat you on price, customers moan about your performance, and social media is just a minefield!

Enter, Craigology

Craigology offers one-hour consulting sessions, allowing you to explain your business, offload a weight of problems (crying happens) and make plans to reach clear goals. No bullshit or subliminal sales pitch, just accurate professional outcome-based advice. For €75,-* you talk to your ultimate customer, holding you accountable for everything you're doing right AND wrong. You take notes, ask questions and receive a follow-up document of actions and tactics. 

*€75,- / one-off payment for initial 1-1 consultation (Thereafter, other rates apply depending on the project and required outcomes.) 


Since my article appeared (March 2022) in Amstelveenz, I've worked with local Dutch & international businesses, entrepreneurs and an in-house creative agency on: 

✅ Website reviews and improvements
✅ Digital content creation (including professional tools, software & gear to use)
✅ Social media posts
✅ LinkedIn profile + company page refreshes
✅ Competitor reviews (competitors are doing it to you)
✅ Bookings for drone shoots (early April)
✅ Bookings for business photography 
✅ Business refocusing using The Business Model Canvas
✅ In-house creative agency restructure & content review


Open to talking? Craigology will listen.
Email Craigology a brief outline of your business plus what help you need.
We can speak over a video call, but meeting in person is preferred. I think we've all had enough Zoom, Skype and Teams in recent times! 


If you're nervous about your company's privacy or intellectual property, both parties will sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement before any discussion takes place.

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