Working In-House at Staples was like being an internal spy; hearing, seeing and listening to the heart of the business as it went through a radical business transformation.

As part of the transformation, Staples needed to establish a completely new internal creative agency to ideate, create and produce all of the marketing collateral and digital capabilities for 17 European countries. 

My role (European Creative Director / Agency Leadership Team) was to build a fully operational creative department capable of delivering everything the business needed; Fully integrated seasonal campaigns aligned to a thematic calendar, Websites, TV commercials, Weekly flyers, Marketing Emails, Annual Catalogues, Retail Signage and more.


Alongside all of this, the creative department ideated, designed and produced a complete set of European Go-To-Market Guidelines for the business. 

Staples Agency Europe was outstanding. For an in-house agency, it produced awarded work that actually engaged customers and positively increased sales.


A set of 3D characters were originally created for the print, web and retail campaign, but it quickly became evident,

that once they had been fleshed out, the potential to use them as moving characters was a real opportunity.

CD: Craig Lovelidge / Copywriter: Laura Bury / Art Direction (ACD): Chris Barton / 3D Characters: Storyboards / Animation & TV Production: Ingreme 





Kingsday is one massive party AND it is the only day in the year when you are legally allowed to sell things out on the street.

We took this concept of being able to 'be an entrepreneur for a day' and used it to the public's and Staples advantage.

CD: Craig Lovelidge / Copywriter: Laura Bury / Art Director: Monique Pawirosemito


We created a fun game to show customers that Staples sold office supplies, not just office stationary. 

Sadly, the prototype of the game never made it past this stage but nonetheless, it was a great fun project.

CD: Craig Lovelidge / Concept & Art Direction (ACD): Chris Barton / Production: Bannerboy


CD: Craig Lovelidge / Copywriter: Laura Bury / Art Direction (ACD): Chris Barton



The response from Staples customers was incredible. One teacher alone spent €3,500 on a single visit to the Staples store in Lisbon. The store staff were so impressed, they took a picture of the till receipt.


With a marketing/production budget of just €150,000, the total sales for this campaign totalled €53.2m, breaking all previous Back To School sales records for Staples Europe.