Below is a selection from the visible (and the not so visible) work that I've done over the years.

Adding it all up, there's over 30,000 'actual hours' of work. 

Building creative departments, establishing relationships, mentoring teams, launching global brands, creating TV ads, designing products, building websites and more. Not to mention the strategy sessions, workshops, thinking time, mock-ups and presentations that go unnoticed.

Projects come in many forms with many different skillsets needed. I'm often asked to wear the hat of:

Creative Director • Copywriter • Creative Project Manager • Workshop Facilitator • Problem Solver 


With the onset of COVID, a number of small to medium sized businesses hired me requesting digital help, website creation and communication guidance. 

If you simply want to talk something through (no obligation or pressure to work with me) just contact me. 

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The CHALK Group connected with me to launch their business in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. This wasn't a coincidence, it was a forced necessity.

The commercial real estate market was heavily hit by the enforced 'Work From Home' laws meaning many commercial real estate projects suddenly stopped, shut down or went bankrupt.

A major task was to launch CHALK's 'Purified Privacy' Pods, placing these inside some of Europe's busiest airports and corporate offices. Not easy when social distancing and return to work policies were heavily put in place. 


I also had the responsibility to design the CHALK website working alongside CHALK's In-House design director and the design team.


Role: Brand & Marketing Consultant


Craig has been a pivotal member of the CHALK team. From designing our website and collaborating with our design and communication team, to launching our CHALK Pods across the EU market, his knowledge, energy and output have been outstanding. 
- Marc Nicol, Founder & CEO at The CHALK Group
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Another successfully designed small business website; Julia at Health Journey contacted me because her old website needed refreshing and updating. 

After meeting and listening to what Julia wanted to achieve, I designed and built a completely new website using a large proportion of her previous written content. 

Julia gave me many pointers of websites that she liked asking if I could incorporate some of the designs and thinking into her new site. A close collaboration that worked out very well.

This was a superb project to undertake as I learned so much insight and information from Julia who is a renowned nutrition and functional medicine specialist

Role: Business Insight / Web Design / Copywriting / Content Creation / Art Direction / SEO

I just got my website ready and live! It was the best investment ever. Craig is a great person to work with. He built my website entirely from scratch after spending time listening to every detail of what I wanted, he was able to deliver everything far beyond my expectations. Thank you Craig! You are amazing!
- Julia L da Cunha van Opzeeland, Owner at Health Journey

Envision is a self-designed AI app and is the brainchild and creation of co-founders Karthik Mahadevan & Karthik Kannan. The mission is to help 36 million visually impaired people around the world to undertake simple everyday tasks to lead more independent lives. 


The app has multiple functions; reading all kinds of text, documents and signs, recognises faces, images and objects which it then describes back vocally. 


Collaborative Ideation & Strategy workshops / Growth/Traction Planning / Copywriting / Content Creation / Customer Data research / PR outreach

Craig and I worked together on a project for Envision. It was an absolute delight working with him! Besides his lovely self, I really appreciated the level of communication in our collaboration and his honest professionalism. As well as his strategic thinking, Craig was a highly skilled copywriter doing magic to the brand tone of voice on the customer facing website and app store product listings. Writing and designing is an art form and Craig certainly knows his craft. I’d love to work together with him in the future.
- Ilse Madelein Velema, Head of Growth & Marketing at Envision

Craigology Consulting joined Group of Humans in Sept 2018. The first project with them was in Denmark, working for Novasol.

Novasol (holiday rentals) was acquired by the private equity firm, Platinum Equity.

Group of Humans were tasked to explore, define & transform Novasol across six work streams: 


Customer Research • UX (frontend) • UX (backend) • Branding •

Customer Experience • Business Coaching and Leading


For this project, Craig collaborated with the GoH team to track and manage the workstreams, establish the main project stakeholders and build a GoH war room, this allowed a detailed visual overview of each work stream and a close working environment for the GoH and Novasol teams. Craig's main role was to track the progress of the work streams and report back to Novasol's Leadership Team & the Platinum Equity stakeholders on a weekly & monthly basis.


Parallel to this, he helped establish a new client portal, populating the work and content, plus deliver input into working processes and communication governance. The final piece of work was to create and hand over a Playbook of agile processes and working practices to Novasol.


Project Management / Stakeholder Reporting / Client Portal administration / Playbook delivery

A small business (SMB) website that was a joy to work on: Graham’s Kitchen is owned and run by chef Graham Mee. It is nestled in one of the most cosmopolitan and vibrant districts of Amsterdam, the area known as “De Pijp”.


After eating at the restaurant I was so impressed with the friendly service and the fantastic food that I immediately started talking with the owner. Graham told of his background working in Michelin star restaurants, his passion for cooking amazing food and the happiness he gets from entertaining guests with great service. He also mentioned his lack of time for marketing and communication.


Graham hired me to look closely at the business, plan a new marketing strategy and build his entire website from the ground up. 


I wanted the photography on the website to be authentic and personal (just as all the team are at Graham's) so I took the opportunity to shoot the all the visual content myself. 



Business Consultation / Business Category Definition / Audience Definition / Wire framing / Web design / Website Construction / Storytelling / Copywriting / Art Direction / Photography / SEO

"Forced closure of my restaurant because of the COVID-19 virus was devastating, but a special thank you goes to Craigology for the speed to get our free delivery initiative on to our website plus the swift work getting the new takeaway menu in place for our customers."
- Graham Mee, Owner at Graham's Kitchen

Sound of Data wanted to build a new website that reflected the global capabilities of the company. After being recommended by the copywriter working on the project, Craig

collaborated with her and the company founders to uncover the customer-centric approach of the business and their future vision. This became the starting point for the core thinking and design approach of the new website.


Working with the Rotterdam based web design agency 23G, Craig took on the role of creative project manager whilst supporting Sound of Data and the web agency with creative ideation and direction. 


Business Consultation / Initial Wireframing / Web design support /  Storytelling / 
Copywriting / Art Direction / Image Search & Delivery / Video Header Creation & Production 

It was a pleasure working with Craig on Sound of Data's new website. Craig stepped in as Creative Director and led the entire project. Consulting with us, our copywriter and web design agency whenever necessary. He made sure all heads were pointed in the same direction and that everyone stuck to their deadlines. He took a lot of work off our hands and we're very happy with the overall result! 
- Erzsi de Letter, Marketing & Sales Executive at Sound of Data

After learning the art of advertising (Copywriting & Art Direction) and receiving the award 'Student Team of the Year' from Watford College, I then went on to work for some of the world's best creative agencies. Here is a selection of my advertising work from 1994 - 2009


Art Director / Copywriter / Senior Art Director / Creative Director / Actor / Photographer

Craig is a one off. The single word I would use to best describe him is 'gifted'. 
His ability to identify an insight in a brief, turn that insight into a sound and appealing proposition, then spin that proposition into a unique strategy and creative execution is both exceptional and unique. 
Craig's efforts have not only improved the profile and creative standing of all clients lucky enough to be touched by his thinking but greatly impact their bottom line for those brands shrewd enough to have invested in his services. A refreshingly down to earth, hard working, creative. I cannot praise Craig highly enough.

- Chris Beckles, Executive Creative Director

Two words: trust and honesty. Craig is blessed with both of these virtues. Having worked with him virtually every day during a 6-year period, I got to know Craig pretty well. And I can tell you this: I could tell him anything without any fear of judgement. I listened to his advice knowing he was looking out for my best interests. He’d be honest and open, even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear and in doing so he helped me through many tough times, both at work and at play.

A true professional in so many ways.

- Simon Davenport, Senior Creative Copywriter at Hogarth Worldwide

Dobbin. The cheapest idea I've ever had. It was made out of 2 sheets of MDF,

yet it was my gateway into Germany's number one advertising agency...


Art Director / Carpenter 

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