I was hired to help The CHALK Group launch their business in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis.
This wasn't a coincidence, it was a forced necessity.

The commercial real estate market was heavily hit by the enforced 'Work From Home' laws meaning many commercial real estate projects suddenly stopped, shut down or went bankrupt.

I was tasked to launch CHALK Pods and design the CHALK website working alongside their In-House design director and design team. I was also given the role to hire new talent to expand the CHALK Pods across Europe, plus connect and partner with some leading apps and brands.


Role: Brand & Marketing Consultant


Envision is a self-designed AI app and is the brainchild and creation of co-founders Karthik Mahadevan & Karthik Kannan. The mission is to help 36 million visually impaired people around the world to undertake simple everyday tasks to lead more independent lives. 


The app has multiple functions; reading all kinds of text, documents and signs, recognises faces, images and objects which it then describes back vocally. 


Collaborative Ideation & Strategy workshops / Growth/Traction Planning / Copywriting / Content Creation / Customer Data research / PR outreach

Craigology Consulting joined Group of Humans in Sept 2018. The first project with them was in Denmark, working for Novasol.

Novasol (holiday rentals) was acquired by the private equity firm, Platinum Equity.

Group of Humans were tasked to explore, define & transform Novasol across six work streams: 


Customer Research • UX (frontend) • UX (backend) • Branding •

Customer Experience • Business Coaching and Leading


For this project, Craig collaborated with the GoH team to track and manage the workstreams, establish the main project stakeholders and build a GoH war room, this allowed a detailed visual overview of each work stream and a close working environment for the GoH and Novasol teams. Craig's main role was to track the progress of the work streams and report back to Novasol's Leadership Team & the Platinum Equity stakeholders on a weekly & monthly basis.


Parallel to this, he helped establish a new client portal, populating the work and content, plus deliver input into working processes and communication governance. The final piece of work was to create and hand over a Playbook of agile processes and working practices to Novasol.


Project Management / Stakeholder Reporting / Client Portal administration / Playbook delivery

Graham’s Kitchen is owned and run by chef Graham Mee. It is nestled in one of the most cosmopolitan and vibrant districts of Amsterdam, the area known as “De Pijp”.


After eating at the restaurant Craig was so impressed with the friendly service and the fantastic food that he immediately started talking with the owner. Graham told of his background working in Michelin star restaurants, his passion for cooking amazing food and the happiness he gets from entertaining guests with great service. He also mentioned his lack of time for marketing and communication.


Graham hired Craig to look deep into the business, plan a new marketing strategy and build his entire website from the ground up. 


Craig wanted the photography on the website to be authentic and personal (just as all the team are at Graham's) so Craig took the opportunity to shoot the all the visual content himself. 



Business Consultation / Business Category Definition / Audience Definition / Wireframing / Web design / Website Construction / Storytelling / Copywriting / Art Direction / Photography / SEO

"Forced closure of my restaurant because of the COVID-19 virus was devastating, but a special thank you goes to Craigology for the speed to get our free delivery initiative on to our website plus the swift work getting the new takeaway menu in place for our customers."
- Graham Mee, Owner at Graham's Kitchen

Sound of Data wanted to build a new website that reflected the global capabilities of the company. After being recommended by the copywriter working on the project, Craig

collaborated with her and the company founders to uncover the customer-centric approach of the business and their future vision. This became the starting point for the core thinking and design approach of the new website.


Working with the Rotterdam based web design agency 23G, Craig took on the role of creative project manager whilst supporting Sound of Data and the web agency with creative ideation and direction. 


Business Consultation / Initial Wireframing / Web design support /  Storytelling / 
Copywriting / Art Direction / Image Search & Delivery / Video Header Creation & Production 

After learning the art of advertising (Copywriting & Art Direction) and receiving the award 'Student Team of the Year' from Watford College, I then went on to work for some of the world's best creative agencies. Here is a selection of my advertising work from 1994 - 2009


Art Director / Copywriter / Senior Art Director / Creative Director / Actor / Photographer

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