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I’ve spend over 25 years working in the creative industry, 10+ years working as a creative director.


At top creative agencies I worked with demanding global clients to deliver all manner of creative work, but then I went in-house. As an in-house creative leader I sought to build genuine working relationships based on reaching business goals together. And it worked. 


These experiences allowed me to sit with C-Suite members and CEOs, each of them wanting the same thing: Strong creative work that resonated with customers, leading to customer trust & an increase in sales.


I’m not an award chaser. I believe the money spent on entering awards can be much better spent in numerous ways. I openly discuss this. My focus is on making creative work that commercially gets results.

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My detailed creative director video will be forthcoming very soon, but until then, here's the film Art & Copy.

Incidentally, when this film was launched in the US, I saw a tweet from the producer, contacted them and then arranged to ship the movie to The Netherlands. I then arranged for the premiere screening in the Tuschinski cinema in Amsterdam.

This led to StrawberryFrog inviting me to lead the Emirates pitch.


I’m completely hands-on and I lead by example (coaching & servant leadership style)

I know that when the shit hits the fan at 11pm, I can make urgent updates & changes to a design, presentation deck or digital video without needing to call a designer, retoucher, copywriter or editor. I work with action, agility and flow. I'm impatient when people drag their heels and just 'clock in & clock off'.

If one of the team falls sick and we don’t have time to find an immediate replacement, I roll up my sleeves and get stuck in. I’m an Adobe Professional and a WIX Partner. Hundreds of hours have been invested to earn and achieve these recognitions.


On bigger, global creative projects, I lead, delegate and collaborate. (Header Image: Emirates shoot with photographer Maurice Heesen) 

I work closely and interact with creative professionals and external agencies whose specialist crafts are worthy of weighty gold and titanium statues. 


I bring multiple skills from campaign ideation to complete finished ‘polished’ deliverables; copywriting, art direction, presentation decks, websites, social media posts to photography, drone or video, all dependent on what is required on any given project.

The work is always focus. It always has been and always will be.


I work remotely or on-site.

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